Vintage-Style Photo Shoot!

About two years ago, I decided it was time to capture my gorgeous, vivacious essence in a vintage-style pin up photo shoot with Dynamite Dames Photography. I was living in the DFW area at the time, and thought it would be a fun, fabulous opportunity to have my hair and makeup done and encapsulate my 20-something year old self.

Beauty and the Book
Beauty and the Book

Turns out, it totally was! It was awesome, laid back, but professional, and everyone there shared my passion for vintage styles. They offered a varied set of clothes, however, I chose to make a dress specifically for the occasion. (Interestingly enough, it matched to photography set exactly!) I chose Butterick’s vintage reprint pattern B4919 and made the ballerina-length version, since I’m a petite lady. The theme was supposed to be a “Tea Party.”

Tea Party = CUPCAKES
Tea Party = CUPCAKES

This dress was decidedly simple to make (shocking, considering how flattering it is), and I’ve actually made another since then out of a sparkly silver jersey fabric. The bodice is straightforward, and the skirt, although full, had only four seams!

The original pattern
The original pattern

I had to make slight adjustments for length (again, I’m a petite little hobbit), and I ended up with an enormous brooch as a necessity. (What a lucky life!) Since I’m also busty, and vintage styles are complimented by a corset, I needed said brooch to cover any possible peeking of my undergarments. It worked beautifully AND I came away with a gigantic pearl brooch, but the second attempt at this dress involved a decrease in the plunging of the neckline by adjusting the bodice pattern.

Boyfriend and I went dancin'!
Boyfriend and I went dancin’ and this time I wore my pink petticoat!

In May, I submitted a few pictures from the shoot to Butterick’s Facebook “contest,” and they featured it on their page! (See them here.)

It was a delightful experience, and I would absolutely do it again. I know the Dames travel all over the Southern US, and change themes all the time. Their Facebook page boasts: cowgirl, Santa baby, party, retro home, roller girl and even 30s-40s glam pin up sets. Something for every secret, or brazen modern Betty.

Have you ever done a vintage-style photo shoot? If so, when and through who? If so, please feel free to share! If not, would you? Why or why not??


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