Random Fun Wednesday!

Since I’m merely a human being, and (thankfully) not a Superlady who is obligated to do all the things at all the times, I’m offering a muddled collection of random things I am thinking about/interested in today for your viewing pleasure.

First off, Houston has re-elected our gay, liberal Mayor (yay!), but also voted down the last ditch effort to preserve a piece of our city’s history: The Astrodome. Since our track record for preservation is pretty terrible, it isn’t so much shocking, as it is deeply disappointing to those who want to hold on to the unique icons that separate our Southern city from all others. What we’re left with are: Space Center Houston, the Zoo, and the Menil. Not to disparage any of these fine institutions, but most places have zoos, various museums and the occasional locally-tied government agency info-tainment space.

Learning about space exploration is super cool! Then what?
Learning about space exploration is super cool!

As the fourth-largest city in the United States, I would hope that Houston could offer some truly amazing places, sights, tourist attractions and community spaces. Instead of capitalizing on this possibility, developers have torn down AstroWorld, imploded the historic Foley’s building, and will now rip down what was once known as the “8th Wonder of the World.” Regardless of whether or not it ever was, or could be again, I would rather live in a place inhabited by people who want to preserve, reuse and re-purpose significant architectural marvels, instead of spending millions of dollars tearing them down only to replace them with hyper-expensive monoliths, parking lots, or ultimately, nothing special.

That looks pretty unique and amazing! Now it's an empty field.
That looks pretty unique and amazing! Now it’s an empty field.

Next up, something really special! After forty years, Vogue’s first transgender model is getting the celebration she deserves! April Ashley, a gorgeous, lauded model in the early 1960s, who was “outed,” and her career cut short; however the Museum of Liverpool (according to BUST), is featuring her work, life and struggles in an exhibit called April Ashley: Portrait of a Lady” this year!

Photograph by Ken Walker. Courtesy of April Ashley
Completely gorgeous!

Since even androgynous models are still causing regular stirs today, this is an amazing step forward. Recognition of a person’s work, efforts, and beauty should never be diminished because of their personal decisions about their own physical identities.

RuPaul is not a transsexual, but is completely FABULOUS!

Speaking of androgyny! David Bowie! Let’s pay a brief homage to one of the most amazing glam rockers out there!

Thrust that hip, you striped, naughty alien man!
Thrust that hip, you striped, naughty alien man!
Love this SUIT!
Love this SUIT!

So, we will almost certainly re-visit Sir Bowie’s legendary fashion escapades, but my friend sent me the above link and I was momentarily overtaken by the bright colors and totally outlandish shapes.  In the meantime, I hope this offers some entertainment, and maybe some learnin’ for your Wednesday!

What do you think about the Astrodome’s impending destruction? Do you miss AstroWorld? Any particularly good memories made at either venue? Anyone near Liverpool to go see the April Ashley exhibit??


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  1. Preach, girl. Sad to see the Astrodome get voted down.

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