Friendship and Happy Places

As a (very) newly single lady, I have been reflecting on the importance of having a safe, comforting space, and, perhaps most importantly, a group of friends (and of course family) who are supportive and engaging. If not for the knowledge that I am fortunate enough to have so many loving connections in my life, the last day or so would have felt infinitely more difficult, lonely and hopeless.


So, this morning, as I browsed my usual web pages (HuffPo), the articles about friendship struck me as particularly poignant. Apparently, as you get older, some people have more trouble keeping friends and/or making new ones. I can understand this, to a point, however, given that my friend group seems to be ever-expanding due to connections with more awesome people, I feel like it takes a minor amount of effort (and maybe some bravery).


According to a recent study (these things always seem dubious, but I like the conclusion, so let’s go with it), you’re actually more attractive around your friends! I guess if you have no other motivation to garner friendships, automatically becoming a prettier person (physically, the only way that matters, duh), then form those common/shallow bonds ASAP!

That girl is so weird and alone!
That girl is so weird and alone!
Now we're ALL so pretty together!
Now we’re ALL so pretty together!

There was one more article in the Huff/Post50 section (which I read because I cannot wait to be an old lady) about not wanting to “turn back the clock” and be young again. One of the primary reasons the author gives is friendship with a solid group of women who have supported each other through the years. While only time can test these sorts of relationships, I hope the friendships (dude friends, too!) I have made will only grow stronger as we all continue to experience life together.

It doesn't matter how long it's been since I've seen her, Katie and I always have a blast in whatever foreign country she's occupying at the moment.
It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her, Katie and I always have a blast in whatever foreign country she’s occupying at the moment.
New York with Elizabeth is always the best!
New York with Elizabeth is always the best!
My Sew Crafty ladies are so gorgeous, together or separately.
My Sew Crafty ladies are so gorgeous and amazing, together or separately.

All this is to say, thank you to my wonderful friends and family for being eternally supportive of whatever madness I decide to pursue. To those who I don’t know, and who are trying to develop a friend group, just don’t be an inconsiderate jerk, and remember that life is definitely hectic, but good friends are worth the investment.


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  1. Mrs Finkling says:

    wrote an article on making friends recently, would love to know your opinion on it – thats awesome that you have the ability to expand your circle easily – it definitely gets tougher as you get older but i find i now know what to look for in a friend more so than i did when i was younger, which has made a world of difference!

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