Throwback Thursday – Graceland!

A rowdy hoozah for the latter half of the week! In honor of this, a Thursday, and the fact that I’m actually wearing the dress in question right now, a #TBT tribute to that awesome time I went to visit Graceland with two other amazing ladies!

Katie and Kate drove me all the way to Memphis in 2009!
Katie and Kate drove me all the way to Memphis in 2009! They’re seriously the best.

I have this minor obsession with Elvis Presley. So much so, that I convinced two of my good friends to road trip with me from Ft. Worth to Memphis over a period of several days/nights, in order to visit his outrageous house-museum, Graceland!

SOOPER excited!
SOOPER excited!
You see what I mean by minor?
You see what I mean by minor?

As you may be able to see from the above photographs, I totally wore a hot pink and white dress with ELVIS FACES all over it!!! My mother actually made it for me (the worksladyship is gorgeous), and added pink velvet trim to the sleeves and neckline. It has held up so nicely, and is so completely adorable, I’m actually wearing it at work today (not for the first, or the last time, either), and have gotten several compliments.

I can stop whenever I want to! (But I don't!) Yes, I'm holding the cardboard cutout's hand.
I can stop whenever I want to! (But I don’t!) Yes, I’m holding the cardboard cutout’s hand.

You’re not allowed to take flash photographs of the inside of Elvis’ former home, however, we did walk through it in a haze of disbelief and awe. It is truly a glorious slice of vintage, over the top style.  We also saw his automobile collection, stables, former office, and INCREDIBLE displays of his costumes and jumpsuits.

We saw all the exhibits!
We saw all the exhibits!

I know the “novelty print” dress is trending lately, and has been for a while, as far as I’m concerned! It is such a fun, easy way to add flair and personality to a simple design! This dress is a solidly ’60s, shift dress design that’s comfortable, flattering, and a straightforward pattern for almost any sewer. As you can see, my dress, like the King, is timeless and super sexy! You should make one, too! And go to Graceland, it’s a blast!

Have you been to Graceland? Memphis?? Have you ever made a 60s shift dress? How did it turn out? Would you make a dress out of a “novelty print”? Have you already? What’s on the fabric? (Dinosaurs? Kittens? Hot Dogs??)


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