Random Fun Wednesday! Beauty, Decor & Inspiration!

Today’s collection of things is pretty amazing! I’ve got a couple of Houzz articles to share about holiday decorating, some INCREDIBLE up-close shots of snowflakes, and a super inspiring project that involves mannequins! Yay, mannequins!

Ok, so for those of you who haven’t thrown up the Christmas decorations just yet, Houzz has some simple ways to jazz up your entry! They’re really great, mostly because almost all of them could be applied to any space, whether large or small. The first few are definitely for home owners (those lucky/totally trapped individuals), but could be utilized by those of you who have kind and flexible landlords.

We'll talk more about these shortly.
Just add a wreath! (We’ll talk more about these shortly.) They also suggest you purchase a lion (or other awesome) door knocker! GREAT idea!

The next set of suggestions are for anyone and everyone who has the time and/or energy to put said tips to use: add a pop of color, put together enormous floral arrangements, set up a festive corner seating space, and the really dedicated folks can totally paint the walls!

I know most of you won’t go that far, but you can easily add a festive feel to your home with a theme wreath! This tutorial gives detailed instructions for creating a lovely one out of real plants!

This is a great tutorial, and you can incorporate any elements you prefer using the same methods! (Rikki Snyder © 2012 Houzz)
This is a great tutorial, and you can incorporate any elements you prefer using the same methods! (Rikki Snyder © 2012 Houzz)

Now that we’ve fed the DIY beast, it’s on to complete and utter awe at how incredible nature is! The Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has utilized macrophotography to take unbelievably detailed pictures of snowflakes! I’m a Texan, and it snows in Houston about every 3-5 years, and even then it doesn’t really stick, it just sludges up and mixes with whatever muck is on the ground.

Snow/Grass People!
Snow/Grass People!

That being said, I’m ALWAYS impressed by snow in any capacity. My brief stint in North Texas granted me a few glorious snow days, and one terrifying, white-knuckled experience of driving on snow/ice for the three blocks I had to go in order to pay my rent. (I’m pretty sure the stress aged me by at least ten years.) I even introduced my cat/life partner Molly to snow (her snowfaked fur looked beautiful!), but she was over it almost immediately after discovering it is both cold and wet. Anyway, here are some of the gorgeous photos!

They don’t even look real, but they ARE!
It looks like ice! Which I guess it kind of is.
All the angles!
Future snowflake!
This one is my favorite because of the traditional shape, but also the insane intricacy.

Moving on from one inspiring thing to another, Pro Infirmis (a German organization for the disabled) has created a video detailing their amazing project, creating personalized mannequins using the measurements of disabled/differently-abled people!

This is such an incredible project!!! These people/the models are so brave! I admire their poise, graciousness, and amazing sense of self! They are willing to be measured, prodded, and evaluated against “regular” mannequins in order to make this a reality. It is abundantly clear from the looks on their faces after the reveals, and especially seeing their mannequin-twins in the store display windows, how meaningful it is for someone, anyone, to be reassured of their beauty, and to feel accepted by others.

What do you think of this mannequin project? Would you own a mannequin, if so, why? Do you already?? (I did!) How are you decorating for the holidays? Think you’ll make a wreath this season? What colors/style/materials will you use?


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