Vintage Sewing Pattern Extravaganza!

So, I was casually scrolling on the Facebook yesterday, and saw a post by We Sew Retro about a version of Simplicity 1795 done by Miss Allie Mass. Well, her version looked so nice, and the pattern seemed pretty simple/straightforward, so I immediately sought out a copy via Etsy.

Gorgeous! I want one, too!
Gorgeous! I want one, too!

As some of you may know, vintage patterns on Etsy are in pretty high demand, or at least the people selling them think they are, so the least expensive copy (which was a size 12) was about $20 including shipping! (I still have to buy the fabric and make the dress, geez.) Instead of paying monies, I thought to myself, I’ll look through Mom’s stash of older patterns and just see!

These patterns are mostly from the 40s and 50s, and belonged to either my Aunt Donna or Great-grandmother Wade.
These patterns are mostly from the 40s and 50s, and belonged to either my Aunt Donna or Great-grandmother Wade.

Quelle suprise! Turns out, we totally DO own it!

AND it's a 14! Success!
AND it’s a 14! Minimal re-sizing = Success!

While I was at it, I gently dug through the rest of the box to see what other delightful patterns I could find, and treasure resulted! There were lots of fun, simple patterns with unique neck lines:

Love the subtle triangles!
Such a pretty, feminine scalloped edge!
A contrasting interwoven ribbon?! Yes, please!
This one is a particular favorite of mine! The sleeves and the collar are so pointy!
Some subtle tucks at the neckline make this simple dress more fabulous!
This is an earlier, 1940s pattern, and is clearly a day dress, however, the triangular accent on the neckline adds pizzazz and uniqueness!
This dress has an angled, button front! SO COOL!

Fun and interesting necklines aside, there were also some neat skirts:

I will have a dress like this!
I will have a dress like this, since essentially having two skirts is even better than a peplum!
Suspender-skirt is ADORBS! Plus, a classic circular skirt, with some super cute (and slimming) bow accents!

Delightful 1940s nighties and day dresses:

Cannot wait to elegantly lounge in this!

Plus, just in time, CAPES:


Last, but not least, these fabulous hat and hood patterns:

We’re having a hat making party, y’all!!!

To wrap it up, two of my favorites, the first because it’s hilarious, and the second because it couldn’t be more fabulous!

We’re gonna need to schedule a tupperware party ASAP.
The lauded “shelf bust” dress! When I make it, I’m going to look just like Liz Taylor! *Dreams coming true*

One of my favorite activities is going through vintage patterns for inspiration, and this Sunday was a complete success without even leaving my house! I am hoping to maintain this excitement into actually producing several of these dresses. Despite the insane amount of time and fabric some of these patterns require, I think the final products will be amazing! Plus, even when I work on a simple pattern, odds are that I’ll be learning at least one new technique. There may be time between now and New Year’s Eve to make one! Here’s hoping!

Any suggestions about which one I should start with?? Which is your favorite? Do you like vintage sewing patterns? From which decade/era? Do you have a collection? Where’s your favorite place to purchase?


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