Happy Birthday, Elvis!

On this day, January 8th, 1935, a poor little baby child was born in the ghetto of Tupelo, Mississippi. That child, Elvis Aaron Presley, grew up influenced by gospel and country songs, and eventually changed rock n’ roll music forever.

Happy birthday, you crazy, hip swingin' rock n' roll vagabond!
Happy birthday, you crazy, gorgeous, sultry, hip swingin’ rock n’ roll vagabond!

As I have mentioned, I super LOVE Elvis. His voice, and animal magnetism made him an incredible performer, and his unique style resonated with millions of people all over the world, not only his generation, but their children and grandchildren! I think it was his bold, totally unapologetic outrageous-ness that made him a mega-star. He was so completely confident in his vocals, costumes and persona, he still draws people in years after his death.

Look at this cat! NO ONE danced like this (especially not on tv) before Elvis.
Look at this hep cat! NO ONE danced like this (especially not on TV) before Elvis.

During my brief time at Graceland, I was fortunate enough to see some of his amazing jumpsuit/costumes in person! They are masterpieces of craftsmanship, and quite impressive in their own right, with or without an Elvis in them!

The entire former racquetball court is now filled with awards and jumpsuits! It’s incredible.
SO MANY SEQUINS! Also awards. You should know, he’s kind of a big deal.
Up close they’re amazing! (They also weigh like 50 pounds each.) How many dudes can pull off a TIGER JUMPSUIT?!?! He was so great, y’all.

As a seamstress, and a lover of vintage things, it’s completely understandable that I am all about Elvis. He was an incredible showman, and continues to live as an enduring piece of the “classic” rock era. He also sings like a sexy angel, and was kind of a badass. I love a good theme, especially for Christmas time, so a couple of years ago I did an “Elvis Christmas!”

The whole tree! Simple, but pretty! I did a silver and blue theme to support my awesome EPE-certified ornaments!
Sexy blue jumpsuit!
Amazing gold and purple! Look at those ‘burns! You can really feel the heat.
So jovial with his guitar!
I bought this yard of fabric that was specifically an Elvis tree skirt!!! It also made two round ornaments!

A couple of years later, I was given another AMAZING piece of cross-cultural Elvis paraphernalia!

Of course he got decked out for Christmas, too!
Of course he got decked out for Christmas, too! I did a gold and white tree that year to match!

As you can probably tell, Elvis Presley continues to fascinate and delight, not only little ol’ me, but folks all over the world! His lasting legacy has endured because he was outlandish, original, sexy, talented, and a dedicated performer. His career included stints as a musician, singer, soldier, and actor. My favorite is Blue Hawaii!

It's so silly, but it's set in gorgeous 1960s Hawaii, AND Angela Lansbury's in it!
It’s so silly, but it’s set in gorgeous 1960s Hawaii, AND Angela Lansbury’s in it!

Although he was not a perfect man, he was an amazing talent, and remains an enduring icon of the 20th century. For his voice, his music, his performances, his sex appeal, and his over-the-top taste, I say: Thank you, sir, and I wish you a very happy birthday!

Are you an Elvis fan? Have you been to Graceland?? Would you like to go someday? Which Elvis hit is your favorite??


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