Golden Globes Frocks that Rocked!

Those of you who did not catch the 71st Annual HFP Golden Globes last night are likely being inundated with the results, flubs, and fashion today. While I do have intense opinions about some actors, hair and makeup, and the majesty that is Tina Fey and Amy Poehler together on stage being amazing, I’ll keep most of those to myself, and comment purely on the fashion-y aspects of last night’s alcohol-soaked celebrations.

They are so fabulous in all the ways.

As much fun as it would’ve been to hang out with Amy and Tina all night, there were other stars to see, and each and every one of them looked gorgeous. Yes, there were definitely some ensembles I would not have chosen (for them or myself), however, these people are confident enough to appear on live, internationally-broadcast television wearing whatever they chose, so everyone deserves an A+ for bravery! That being said, there were some absolutely breathtaking gowns this year, so enjoy:

Our outrageously gorgeous hostesses! They both looked incredible, stylish, and uniquely gorgeous!
Our outrageously gorgeous hostesses: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! They both looked incredible, stylish, and totally unique in their elegance!

There were lots of black dresses, which is appropriate for a winter event, and each of them was lovely in a different way!

Emma Roberts, wearing a vintage-inspired Rosemary Clooney throwback. LOVE this neckline!
Jessica Chastain’s dress is gloriously beaded, with a corset-inspired bodice, and elegant sweetheart neckline.
Julianna Margulies looking fabulous in her black and gold, with a plunging neckline for edgy-ness, and IT HAS POCKETS!
Ok, some people are McHatin’ on Julia Roberts’ dress, and even though she has literally every choice in the world, this gown fits her nicely, and looks fabulous with her bouffant hair and makeup! Also, let’s face it, sometimes you don’t want to show off your arms, no matter who you are!
LOVE THIS DRESS! Melissa McCarthy looks so simultaneously edgy and elegant! The collar is amazing, and I adore the beading! Fabulous dress on a fabulous lady!
Sophia Vergara, always amazing, opted for black, with an serious bustier and statement necklace. It shows off her magnificent shape, while looking completely elegant.
The incomperable Emma Thompson (while her shoes were still on) looks AMAZING! I love the lines of this dress; they are both slimming and elongating, and the material is so beautiful!
It’s wonderful to see Elisabeth Moss looking so gorgeous! Her sheer, beaded gown is a piece of art, and her shoes are fabulous!
Cate Blanchett wore maybe the most beautiful black lace dress ever! The back was also completely stunning. Her hair and makeup completed the classic, old Hollywood glamour look, and it was perfect.
Cate Blanchett wore maybe the most beautiful black lace dress EVER! The back was also completely stunning. Her hair and makeup completed the classic, old Hollywood glamorous look, and it was perfect.

There were also lots of reds!

Amy Adams was clearly recreating her American Hustle look, and accomplished it with absolute perfection. I love the contrasting reds, the fabric and the fit! Her hair and makeup are elegant and simple. She looks so lovely!
Lupita Nyong’o chose this ravishing gown that is off the shoulder, and fitted, but not too tight, and the cape-y sleeves are WONDERFUL! She looks fantastic!
Emma Watson is the coolest!!! She looks fantastic, and totally modern, but also chic and completely elegant! No idea how she does this, but I’m so glad we get to appreciate her!
Julia Louis-Dreyfus is SMOKIN’ hot! She looks glorious, and her hair is pulled back in a beautiful ponytail, which makes the ensemble more playful.
Modern Family‘s favorite “nerd” sister, Ariel Winter looks incredible!!! The color and draping of this gown is insanely flattering! It’s amazing/totally terrifying that she’s only 15!

A gaggle of silver and winter whites!

Jennifer Lawrence looked elegant and edgy in her gathered gown, and completely badass hair!
Kerry Washington glowed in her custom dress, and was totally adorable as always.
Although we didn’t see much of her during the show, Michelle Dockery looked glorious! Her beaded gown is classic, and fits her like an elbow-length glove!
Another “Downton” player, Laura Carmichael is rockin’ it! Lady Edith is, let’s face it, the worst, but this starlet looks fantastic!
Robin Wright looks phenomenal! Her hair is completely awesome, her dress is gorgeous, and she looks super toned and confident!
Naomi Watts wore a dress almost identical to Robin Wright’s, but her silvery sheath included some strategic cut-out patterning on the bodice!
Rashida Jones managed to look completely incredible! I LOVE this dress, the beading and pattern are completely Hollywood-propriate, and her hair is perfect! Fun, flirty, West Coast elegance!
Full disclosure: I have not seen (nor will see) Wolf of Wall Street, however, this emerging starlet, Margot Robbie looks gorgeous! Her dress is beautiful, with emerald and diamond beading, and her green shoes are icing on this delicious lady cake!
One of my favorites from Game of Thrones, the dragon princess herself, Emilia Clarke looked gorgeous, as usual! Her dress is lovely, and looks like some kind of white dragon scales! Love the fit!

Also featured, bright colors, sequins and even more beads!

I adore Sandra Bullock’s dress! The fabric, fit and colors are gorgeous! I love the contrasting lining!!! Also one with sneaky side pockets! She looks so elegant in this fun mix of classic and modern!
Well hello, Reese Witherspoon, you look FANTASTIC!!! This is a simple gown that is unbelievably flattering, the color is gorgeous, and her hair makes it a fabulous look all around!
Looking a bit sad and uncomfortable, Lena Dunham went for a daring dress in an even more daring color, and it is an absolute win!
Another lady who slipped by for the majority of the evening, Lizzy Caplan wore a beautifully beaded gown!
Another lady who slipped by for the majority of the evening, Lizzy Caplan wore a beautifully beaded, Art Deco-inspired gown! It’s unusual, daring and fits her curves so well!
Olivia Wilde is learning everyone about looking great all the time, no matter what, always.
This gorgeous lady, Taylor Schilling, looks elegant in a dress that few could pull off at all. The color is great for her, and she looks so glamorous!
Helen Mirren, my hero, and the woman I want to be when I grow up, also taking ravishing to a new level in a green beaded gown. Seriously, no one else could do this, but she looks amazing!

Not only were the Globes rife with laughs this year (even a magnificent vagina joke!), but these gowns are also fabulous inspiration! They were all so exquisitely made with such gorgeous material, it’s delightful to see the stylistic choices, and imagine even more possibilities. There were so many more dresses to feature, but these are some of my absolute favorites. (Check out some vintage faves, too!) Usually, I don’t go in for award shows, however, the combination of incredible hosts and fabulous fashion was impossible to turn down, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching!

Do you watch award shows? Did you catch the Golden Globes this year? If so, which dress was your favorite, and why?


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