Fabulous Vintage Hat Brunch!

Thanks to a delightful selection of the gracious people I’m fortunate enough to call my friends, I was recently able to host a super successful vintage hat/modeling brunch! It was not only totally fashionable, but also expertly recorded for posterity! Future generations, be aware that we were gorgeous and amazing.

First, we gathered in the “craft room” to evaluate the mountain of hats available:

You can count on Lee to be contemplative regardless of how many faux flowers are on her head.
It takes a unique lady to pull off this hat! Way to go, Nikki!
A classic yellow suede hat! This one was a particular favorite!
Looks great on everyone! Especially with Jill’s grey dress!
Britney's the cutest! LOVE this fur hat!
Brittany’s the cutest! LOVE this fur hat!
Laura’s a smoldering temptress.
Lee was the only one to pull off this enormous pink hat!
Fun times with feathers!
Do it! Put on that turban, Laura!
The craziest of hats!
Lovely pink picnic hat, Michelle!
Fabulous lady captain!
Lora’s not sure about this one.

No worries, ladies! Much like men, just because you try it on, doesn’t mean you’re required to keep it! (Or be photographed with it, for that matter.) So, here are the “official” photos of each lady with her favorite hats!

The fabulous Brittany:

She’s so damn snazzy!
Shades of Audrey Hepburn, am I right?!

The marvelous Michelle:

I adore this hat! Michelle looks so fab in feathers and polka dots!

The endlessly effervescent Jill:

Rockin' the cloche!
Rockin’ the cloche!
Really loving this bonkers beret!

The petite lady with tons of attitude, Catherine!

Throwing shade in a classic black hat with funky feathers!
Keeping warm with this amazing white fur hat!

My favorite duo, and their too-long-in-coming reunion – Laura and Nikki!

Just two ladies musing together.
Inspiration at last! *haughty, self-important laughter*
She’s so provocative!
I’m pretty sure no one is supposed to be this adorable.

This funky, fresh lady is not only gorgeous, but literally the coolest: Lora!

Amazing combination of white tux coat and this straw hat with green feathers!
Didn’t I say she’s the coolest?? Rock that hat, you mad woman!

Another of my favorite ladies, Lee’s doing everything best!

So cute, yet elegant and approachable in pink and green!
Not too approachable though. Don’t mess with women wearing bears on their heads.

Thank you again to everyone who came out and modeled for me! I’ll add the dress photos later this week, as they are equally amazing. Another big thank you to our photographer Walter (Wally) Rodriguez, who was gracious enough to brave a ladies’ brunch so I could have pictures taken with a real camera. (He also ate like 15 delicious cookies.) Clearly the combination of beautiful people and vintage hats is a win all around, so we’ll be doing this again soon, and I think a picnic is in order!

Which hat is your favorite? Why? Would you model vintage hats? Do you have a favorite style?


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